Personalised Cakes Make any Occasion special

A cake can be a beautiful way to celebrate an occasion, especially when they’re personalised cakes. Whether you decide to have writing on it or go with a creative theme, it will be better received by the person (or people) who are being celebrated. For example for weddings.

There are many new kinds of cakes that are being created every day. Personalised cakes can be covered in butter cream or fondant, offering plenty of styles within each.

Make your cake special by adding:

  • Cake toppers like the Promise Cake Topper by Willow Tree
  • Unique colors
  • Stripes
  • polka dots
  • Sugar mold figurines
  • Flowers
  • Edible photos or image like the Star Wars Edible Image Cake Decoration

Standard cakes can be delicious, but there’s no special message attached to them. It’s just flour and sugar.

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The cake is the focal point of your party

Simply because everyone knows that they are eventually able to eat it later into the event.

You can go for a full sheet cake or a stacked cake that goes as high as you would want. Either way, it’s going to be viewed by plenty, so it should say something.

Flowers and a message are cute, but it is very ordinary. . People want to feel special and that means having those personal touches.

No boundaries for your imagination

Just about anything that you can think of can be incorporated into a cake these days. Creativity levels are higher than ever, which means that the cake for your event benefits significantly from this. Don’t go with a standard cake because that’s what everyone does. Instead, the sky is the limit.

Bakers have the capability of making cakes speak volumes about a person’s relationship, hobbies and so much more. There can be action on the cake or simply just stand on a pedestal in all of its glory to be admired by all before a piece is cut out of it to get the celebration started. A personalised cake has more meaning than just tasting good (though, that’s quite important too of course).

When you want extraordinary, personalised cakes are
the way to go


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More than just a name

It goes beyond that. It focuses more on what the person is all about.

When someone sees a personalised cake, they should be able to know exactly who it is for without ever reading a name on the side of the cake.

This is because the bakers have captured the essence of who the person (or people or company) is within the butter cream and fondant.


Make the inside as special as the outside

Not the decorations or the frosting, but the actual cake. Red velvet, chocolate, vanilla, fruit fillings – the whole works.

A personalised cake needs to taste great, too, even if that means combining flavors to make the celebratory person extra happy.

Forget about standard cakes – those days are over. Capture a person’s heart and given them a sugar rush at the same time with personalised cakes.

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