Decorating Sugar Cookies Ideas

If you know how to bake cookies, you also need to learn how to decorate them. Decorating sugar cookies can be fun but there are some things that you should know. In most cases, the cookies are adorned with icing. Before you start, you will need to learn some basics.

what you’ll need for a perfect Sugar Cookies:

  • Icing bags
  • cookie cutters
  • food coloring
  • Sparkles
  • Candy Confetti

Decorating Sugar Cookies 02 Decorating Sugar Cookies Ideas

Different types of icing

There are different icing types that you can use such as butter cream, rolled fondant, whipped icing,

stabilized whipped cream, fluffy boiled, royal icing, and many others.

If you try to search the internet, you can find many icing recipes for decorating sugar cookies.
Check it here:


Just make sure that you pick the ones that are easy to understand and require affordable ingredients.

Depending on the icing that you choose, you can have your preferred coloring.


Tools and technique

When decorating sugar cookies, you will need the appropriate tools such as a decorating bag. Make sure that you know how to fill the bags. The right pressure should be applied to ensure that the contents of the bags will not pour all over the cookies accidentally. You can ask the help of the kids to decorate the cookies, they won’t mind because as we all know kids love cookies and cookie dough.
There are many options and all you have to do is make use of your creativity and have fun!

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Do you have cookie cutters at home? If you don’t, then it’s time to buy several cutters today. The cutters will allow you to shape the cookies. For the icing, you can use confectioner’s sugar, milk, and corn syrup. You can use other ingredients depending on the recipe. However, you will have to follow the correct amount of ingredients to ensure that the icing has the right consistency.

Thick frosting is ideal for decorating sugar cookies. You can also add food coloring if you want the icing to have different colors. Just in case you’re making cookies for special occasions, you will have to decorate them appropriately. For instance, Halloween cookies can be decorated spookily. During Easter, you can also have cookies and you can color them just like the Easter eggs. There are many options and all you have to do is make use of your creativity.


Use your creativity and you can go a long way!

When decorating your cookies you will also need some tools. Some of the things you need were mentioned earlier like cookie cutters and icing bags. These things can be purchased at local or online stores. It would be a good idea to invest on the cookie equipment; that way, you don’t have to borrow from a friend or neighbor every time you want to decorate the cookies.

Learn decorating using buttercream, royal icing, gum paste, and fondant. You can even use candy melts to give the cookies a professional touch. For instance, if you have chocolate-dipped cookies, the finishing touch can be the candy melts. Use your creativity and you can go a long way!

Find inspration

Decorating Sugar Cookies 04 Decorating Sugar Cookies Ideas

The Internet is the best place where you can find ideas for decorating sugar cookies. It is never too late to learn some basics especially when it comes to giving your child healthy treats. The cookies are really great. It is not enough that you know how to bake these goodies. You also need to learn how to decorate them. Get your kids involved because this will make the activity a lot of fun.

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