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Creating or purchasing designer cupcakes is an awesome way to celebrate a special event or even liven up a run-of-the mill dinner or get together and are an affordable alternative to having specially decorated cakes made for your event.  It’s easy enough to purchase cupcakes from a bakery, but what if you want to make them yourself?  How can you get started making designed cupcakes?

What Sort of Events can Designer Cupcakes be Used For?

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They can be used for nearly any event or occasion that you could need a desert for.

Exquisitely crafted cupcakes have been used at wedding receptions; whimsical and cute designs are perfect for children’s birthdays and holiday dinners; elegant designs can be used for fancy dinners or business events.

All it takes is a little imagination and some advance planning to make them a part of your next dinner or event.


Making process

Having the right tools is an important part of making designer cupcakes – or cupcakes of any type for that matter.  Some of the basics include:

  • Muffin/Cupcake tins (mini and regular sized)
  • Paper baking cups
  • Re-sealable plastic bags for icings, piping and other decorations
  • Frosting decorating tools (such as frosting bags and tips)
  • A variety of sprinkle types
  • Food coloring to color your frosting or ready-to-use frosting

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Planning ahead is another thing that is important when you are creating your own designer cupcakes.

There are hundreds of recopies and decorating ideas for cupcakes that range from the beautiful to the whimsical, and making sure that you have all the ingredients and decorations that you need ahead of time will do wonders to helping your designer cupcakes be a success.

Following the Directions for your chosen cupcakes is imperative.

It may seem that you can skip a corner here or there to cut down on time, but chances are that if the recipe has been written down in a particular order, it’s because that is the way it works.

Cutting corners can run you the risk of ruining your cupcakes.

Have a place to store your cupcakes


If you are making them for a special event or dinner, you are going to want to make

them in advance, and you don’t want them to dry out, so make sure that you have

enough air-tight storage containers (preferably one-level storage containers that won’t squash the tops

of your cupcakes) to keep them fresh until the big day.

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Whatever you do, be patient with yourself!

If you are just starting out you may want to keep your

first attempt at designer cupcakes fairly simple until you have a grasp of the basics and

are comfortable handling your tools and following basic instructions.

As your skills increase you can try more complex recopies or design ideas until your designer cupcake repertoire is quite

impressive.  Soon you will become the go-to-person when it comes to specialized cupcakes, and who knows,

you could even start making money from this most delicious of hobbies.

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